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Hello, we are Magnus Long Design Studio

We design useful, honest, handsome objects in various human-scales. Our process focuses on finding elegant solutions from which we develop and refine a design language, connecting people with beautiful craft and engineering.


Based in London, Magnus Long Design Studio works within the fields of furniture, lighting and product design for forward-thinking brands such as Modus, Hitch Mylius, Lerival, Deadgood and The Conran Shop.

Prior to starting his studio, Magnus studied Furniture and Product Design at The Nottingham Trent University, then cut his teeth working for industrial-design and manufacturer ColebrookBossonSaunders followed by design-retailer twentytwentyone whilst also being a member of award-winning studio Viable London.

In 2012 Magnus left to establish his eponymous design studio which began with a project for progressive British furniture brand Modus. Bend Bench was launched in that year and was followed-up with Bloom tables, launched at Design Junction in 2013, also for Modus.

In that same year designs for Hitch Mylius, Lerival and deadgood were added to the client list.

Then, in 2014 after receiving a brief to design an exclusive collection of furniture titled ‘Magnus Long for The Conran Shop’ extensive furniture families were launched by the retailer and quickly gained media attention as well as awards from The Furniture Makers’ Company.

The collection for The Conran Shop continues to grow and the studio continues to work with prestigious new and existing clients on new projects.

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