We design useful, handsome objects in various human-scales. Our process focuses on finding elegant solutions from which we develop and refine a design language, connecting people with beautiful craft and engineering.

Magnus Long lives and works in London as an educator and designer of furniture, lighting and objects for production in small and big quantities.

His work is interested in the meaning of form and our natural human emotional responses to objects, in particular love and longevity. expressed through a control of craft and engineering.

After studying furniture and product design at Nottingham Trent University, Magnus worked for industrial design and manufacture brand Colebrook Bosson Saunders and then design retailer and producer twentytwentyone.

Magnus Long Design Studio formally established in 2012 and was a recognised for Excellence in Design by the Furniture Makers’ Company for the Cross Leg Chair, designed for The Conran Shop.

Ever curious to work on new projects and form more relationships, we continue to expand our considered portfolio. Please say hello: info@magnuslong.com

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